Energy House _ Concept

  Solar Decathlon 2013 – Dynamic Augmented  Living Environment DALE   Finally, we submitted the first public animation. We team up with Caltech and the house will be build very soon.+ learns from two classic California precedents: the super-sized suburban tract home and the outdoor-focused case-study house; amending one and expanding on the other to […]

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Research – Hong Kong

Hong Kong & Pearl River Delta – A research paper which focus the current issues between Hong Kong and China HONG KONG is a multi-cultural city and acts as a trading hub between China and the rest of the world. In its pre-colonial stage, Hong Kong was a small fishing village with a small population. However, […]

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New City Operation

Aggregation of City (50% Done) Los Angeles Ludwig Hilbereimer has argued that a single building is no longer an ‘object,’ but only the place in which the assemblage of single cells assumes physical form. The intent of this section is to argue that from the viewpoint of urban flow of capital, the disciplinary problem being to understand any urban figure […]

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